How to Activate MiniTool Partition Wizard for free

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a reputable disk management and partitioning software. It is a useful Windows tool (software), through which any storage disk can be managed. In this, features of change partition, partition management, convert disk, copy disk, clean disk and check disk will be available. If you want to convert your disk MBR to GPT and vice versa. It converts without losing data.

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Some new features where data recovery and space analyzer are important have been added here. Apart from this, many features will also be available. As given below:


 #New features:
✔Data Recovery   ✔Disk Benchmark   ✔Space analyzer
#Change partition:
✔Split/Merge/ Extend/Partition /Move/Resize✔Convert  NTFS to FAT or  convert FAT to NTFS✔Set  partition as primary 
#Partition Management:
✔Create / Delete/ Copy  system partition  ✔Wipe/ set active/disable  ✔Hide/show  partition ✔Surface test
#Disk convert
✔Convert OS disk to GPT disk✔Convert  data disk to MBR/GPT disk 
#Copy disk
✔Copy system disk  ✔Migrate OS to SSD/HDD 
#Erase disc:
✔Wipe disk  ✔Delete all partitions
#Check disk:
✔Align all partitions/ rebuild MBR ✔Scan lost/deleted partitions/ perform surface test  ✔Recover lost/deleted partition
#Dynamic Disk Management:
✔Create/delete/format/move/copy/resize volumes.   Wipe volume. Change volume cluster size. Convert dynamic disk to basic. Surface test. Disk Properties.  

Download and activate MiniTool Partition Wizard 

You can download MiniTool Partition Wizard from official website sources. If you download it from official sources, you will only get a trial version for free. With this trial version, you can only use limited services.

You can easily download and install it from the link given below, and activate it for a lifetime. As soon as you click on the download link, it will be downloaded from Google Drive.
File Password:- Solution
After downloading we will extract the file. With the help of the given password, you can proceed to install it step by step.
Step 1: Run the setup file:
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Click on Finish

Step 2: Never update to a new version

If any update is being shown then it should be closed by clicking "No".

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Step 3: Activate Now 

Before activating, close MiniTool Partition Wizard software if it is running. Then, select the folder according to your system from the “Activator File ” folder . If your operating system is 32-bit, copy the file inside the 32-bit folder. If it is 64-bit, copy the data from the 64-bit folder.

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You need to go to the installation location of the software. To do this, right-click the "MiniTool Partition Wizard" icon on the desktop, and then click "Open file location" to access the installation location.

solution hai na

Will paste the copied data at this location and replace it. As soon as we paste it, the MiniTool Partition Wizard will be activated.

After activation, you can use all those services in the premium version. This is a very simple trick that can help you activate MiniTool Partition Wizard without spending money. You can use excellent services like data recovery in it. In addition, you can also use the OS copy tool, which allows you to transfer data from an old disk (HDD) to a new one (SSD).

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