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Windows lets you make your computer desktop more interesting by adding moving wallpapers. These wallpapers bring energy and colour to your desktop, making it look lively. In this easy guide, we'll show you how to do it step by step on your Windows 10 computer. This way, you can have a unique desktop background that looks good to you.

live wallpaper windows 11

Check Computer/Laptop Compatibility

Before you start, check if your computer can handle live wallpapers. Windows 10 allows live wallpapers, but it's important to make sure your graphics card and computer specifications are good enough for a smooth experience.

Minimum system requirements for Showing Live Wallpaper

  1. Processor:- Intel i3 or above equivalent
  2. Operating System:- Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher
  3. Memory:-  4 GB (Minimum), 8 GB (Recommended)
  4. Graphics:-  Intel HD Graphics 4600 or above
  5. DirectX:-  Version 9 (Minimum), Version 11 (Recommended)
  6. Storage:-  1GB available space 

Download a Live Wallpaper Application

To set live wallpapers on Windows 10, you'll need a third-party application. There are several options available, but for this guide, we'll use Lively Wallpaper, a popular choice among users for its simplicity and extensive library of animated wallpapers.

Now, let's talk about how to download it. There are two ways to download it. If your account is signed in to the Microsoft Store, you can follow this download link to download it.

Let's talk about other methods; even if you don't have Microsoft Store, you can easily download it using the link provided below. 

Install  and Apply the Live Wallpaper

After downloading the Lively Wallpaper, return to the "Downloaded" folder within the Lively Wallpaper application. Here, you'll find the setup file for Lively Wallpaper.

You can start the installation of the setup file by double-clicking. As soon as you double-click, a console like this will open.

live wallpaper windows 11

Select 'install for me only' on this, as it needs to be installed only for this user.

live wallpaper windows 11

Select your language in the tab and click on 'OK'.

live wallpaper windows 11

After reading the "Terms and Conditions," click on "I Accept the agreement" five times. After that, the installation panel for "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019" will appear. You need to click on the checkbox for "I agree to the license terms and conditions" and then proceed with the installation.

live wallpaper windows 11

Now Click On Install

live wallpaper windows 11

After finishing, you need to click on 'Restart' to restart the computer.

live wallpaper windows 11

After the system restarts, a tab like this will open, where after selecting any live wallpaper, you click on 'Set Wallpaper'

live wallpaper windows 11

The animated wallpaper has now been set here.

Setting live wallpapers on Windows 10 is a straightforward process with the help of third-party applications like Lively Wallpaper. By following these simple steps, you can breathe new life into your desktop environment, creating a visually stunning and dynamic backdrop that reflects your personal style.

Enhance your Windows 10 experience today by exploring the vast world of live wallpapers and infusing your desktop with creativity and energy. Enjoy the endless possibilities of customization and make your computer truly your own.

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