hp pavilion G4 white display Solution

The HP Pavilion g4 is a series of laptops produced by HP. The laptop was first introduced in 2011 and was designed for consumers who wanted an affordable and stylish laptop for everyday use.

The Pavilion g4 series features a 14-inch diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit display, Intel or AMD processors, up to 2GB of RAM, and up to 500GB of hard drive storage. Some models also feature dedicated graphics for improved gaming and multimedia performance.

A white display issue on an HP Pavilion G4 laptop could be caused by a variety of issues. Here are a few potential causes and solutions to try:

  • The white display issue could be caused by a faulty display. In this case, the only solution would be to replace the display. If your laptop is still under warranty, contact HP's support to have it repaired or replaced.

  • Sometimes the white display issue can be caused by a loose display cable. This can happen if the laptop has been dropped or otherwise subjected to physical damage. To fix this, you will need to open up the laptop and reattach the display cable. However, this is a fairly complex procedure and should only be attempted by someone with experience in laptop repair.

  • Try connecting an external monitor to your laptop to see if the problem persists. If the external monitor works fine, then the issue is likely with your laptop's LCD screen.

  • A problem with the graphics card could also cause the white display issue. Try updating the graphics card drivers to see if that fixes the issue. If that doesn't work, you may need to replace the graphics IC.

If everything is done and your problem is not fixed then you can follow the steps given below:-

  • Remove the Battery:-

Shut down your laptop and unplug it from any power source.
Flip your laptop over so the bottom is facing up.
Look for a latch or release button near the battery compartment.
Press the latch or release button and hold it down while sliding the battery out of the laptop.  and then lift the battery out of the laptop.

  • Disassembling your laptop

Locate the screws securing the bottom panel of your laptop and remove them using a screwdriver.
Carefully remove the keyboard panel of your laptop.
Locate and remove the screws that hold the hard drive, and other components, in place.
Disconnect any cables or connectors connecting these components to the motherboard.

  Be sure to keep track of all the screws and components you remove, and remember where they go when it comes time to reconnect your laptop.

  • Find 5-pin ic "U33" in your Motherboard

In most of the hp pavilion g4 laptop, the white display problem occurs due to this IC.replace this IC you can fix White display issue.

  • Fix this issue help of a Jumper wire

If connect pin number 1 of this IC to pin number 5, then the supply output of 3 Volt starts, and our display starts working. you can connect it like this

You can easily fix the issue coming in HP Pavilion G4 laptop and you can save your money, if you go to the market with this type of issue, then the shopkeepers charge you between 800 to 1200, but you can easily fix it at home.

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